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    Our New Weber 7130W Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II Gas Grills


    Broilking Imperial 70 Gas Grill--
    For about $770, this grill by Broilking offers great heat and control with a few added extras to boot.

    Details of the grill--

      • The grill features a stainless steel dual burner which produces 56,000 BTUs and promises 600 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

      • There is an additional 10,000 BTU side burner

      • Features multi-level and reversible cooking grates made of cast iron

      • Offers a primary grilling space of 490 square inches and a total cooking area of 822 square inches

      • Has a "flav-r-cast" barrier made of cast iron which allows for a high level of both vaporization and heat retention

      • Rotary ignition

      • Comes fully assembled

      • Contains linear-flow control valves which allow for good temperature control

      • Includes a solid rotisserie kit and rear mounted rotisserie burner

    Broilmaster P3BL Gas Grill--
    The Broilmaster P3BL can be found for around $790 and is considered to be a great grill for someone who is serious about grilling. Among its qualities are high control and adjustable cooking area and a large cooking space. When looking into this price range of grills, be sure to give the Broilmaster a fair shake.

    Details of the grill--

      • Features two "bow-tie" burners made of stainless steel and producing a total of 40,000 BTUs

      • Offers 695 square inches of cooking space

      • Has a unique feature of multi-level cooking grates made of porcelain coated stainless steel which can be adjusted

      • Electronic ignition which starts with the push of a button

      • Contains a built-in heat indicator and also a vaporization barrier made of stainless steel

      • Body made of cast aluminum

      • Offers a great warranty

    Holland Legacy
    This Holland grill costs around $1100 and is unique in that it offers a total separation between the burner and the cooking area in order to avoid flare-ups.

    Details of the grill--

      • There is a single burner made of cast iron which has a lifetime guarantee

      • Offers a money back guarantee you will have no flare-ups during the cooking

      • In addition to grilling, also smokes and steams

      • Made of stainless steel parts and is easy to use and maintain

    MHP Heritage Series WRG4DD Infrared Gas Grill--
    This series of grills range in price from $900 to $1,100 and is the "first cast aluminum infrared gas grill." Among the pros of this grill are its super quick preheat time and infrared power. Among the cons, are the lack of flexibility the infrared allows for cooking at lower temperatures.

    Details of the grill--

      • Features three 12,500 BTI infrared burners made of stainless steel

      • Allows for variety in its mounting options

      • Offers a primary grilling area of 434 square inches and a total cooking area of 574 square inches

      • Three minute preheat time

      • Has two 5/16" cooking grates made of stainless steel

      • Each burner features an electronic ignition

      • Contains two fold down side tables

      • The propane regulator features a built-in leak detector

      • Temperature gauge is hood mounted

    Napoleon Prestige II (PT450) Gas Grill--
    This Napoleon Prestige grill can be found for around $699 and produces an amazing 61,000 BTUs on its grilling space, while also allowing you to control that amount all the way down to 6,000 BTUs. Versatility and quality combine to give you yet another great option in the world of grills with this particular model, so be sure to check it out!

    Details of the grill--

      • This grill is available in four different colors
      • Offers three 16 gauge burners made of stainless steel which can produce between 6,000 and 61,000 BTUs based on the amount you need on 450 square inches of primary cooking space

      • Ignition is electric and also includes a battery

      • To obtain this great amount of control, there are adjustable brass valves

      • Includes a standard rotisserie kit and rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner

      • Construction is solid and rust resistant

      • Features an easy lift, roll tip lid

      • The galvanized cart is totally enclosed

      • There is a wide, galvanized drip tray which collects and removes the grease from the burners

      • Control valves are made of solid brass and include insect protected venturi tubes

    Vidalia Grill Model 440 Gas Grill--
    This Vidalia model can be found for right around $1,000 and has a unique convection oven design that allows for not only grilling, but also for smoking, broiling, baking, roasting, and more.

    Details of the grill--

      • Features one 40,000 BTU burner made of stainless steel and providing 220 square inches of grilling space and 440 square inches of total cooking area

      • Though it uses gas, it is also able to use charcoal or hardwood

      • Has a stainless steel drip tray which allows for ease of cleaning

      • Capability of cooking a whole chicken or roast without the use of a rotisserie

      • Constructed solidly of stainless steel and aluminum

      • Versatility in cooking methods include: baking, broiling, and smoking

      • Has an electronic ignition method

    Weber Genesis Gold B Gas Grill--
    The Weber Genesis Gold B can be found between $599 and $704 and is considered to be one of the best grills for this price. The Weber name is one people trust and regardless of the features it possesses, with the proper care, this grill will last for a very long time.

    Details of the grill--

      • Three 12,000 stainless steel burners which are tubular and in parallel configuration produce a total of 36,000 BTI output which has good heat retention

      • Body made of thick, cast aluminum

      • The primary grill space is 424 square inches, and the total cooking space is 611 square inches

      • Hood mounted thermometer

      • Solid in construction and attractive in design

      • Includes flavorizer bars made of stainless steel which help to reduce flare-ups and keep the grease away from the burners

      • Easy and quick assembly

      • Built in LP fuel gauge

      • Hood and handle made of stainless steel

    Weber Summit Gold A4 Gas Grill--
    This Weber grill can be found for around $950 to $1,100 and while not the top of the line for Weber grills, is still a great model, made by a respected company, with a reliable warranty.

    Details of the grill--

      • The heat from its 4 stainless steel, 11,000 BTU burners is high and even producing good output

      • The construction of the grill is made of quality, double layer stainless steel for better insulation

      • There are 504 square inches of primary grilling space and a total area of 700 square inches

      • Stainless steel hood has a double layer and built-in thermometer

      • Contains electronic ignitions and stainless steel cooking grates with flavorizer bars

      • The enclosed cart is made of welded steel and stainless steel doors

    • There are two attached work tables which swing up to increase the working space