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    Hamburgers are a staple of the backyard barbeque. People of all ages love to bite into a juicy mouthwatering burger topped with all their favorite fixings. The only problem is not everyone knows how to go about preparing the perfect grilled burger. There are several aspects that go into grilling the perfect hamburger such as the consistency of the meat, the type of meat used, and the right amount of time on the grill. Below you will find some helpful tips to grill the perfect hamburger.

      • Pick the Right Meat: For the perfect burger you want to make sure that you select a course medium fat level ground beef. Meat that is too low in fat content will become dry and meat with too high a fat content will shrink up when cooked.

      • Preparing the Meat: People often add items such as other meat and vegetables to their beef before they shape the patties to add flavor to their burger. A few good choices are sliced sausage, diced onions, diced peppers, Worcestershire Sauce, and grilling seasoning. Mix all ingredients to the ground and then shape the patties making sure they are the same thickness throughout and their consistency is strong enough to be placed on the grill without falling apart.

    • The Grilling: Turn the grill on preheat it on a high heat. Once the grill is ready for cooking place all the patties on the grill quickly and then close the lid. Leave the patties on the grill for about 3 minutes and then do a test on one patty with a metal spatula to see if it lifts easily from the grill. If not don't flip the patties until they lift easily. Once they are ready, flip the patties quickly and close lid again leaving patties on for another 3 minutes until they lift easily. Then flip the patties once more and let them cook until the juices from the burgers run clear. Patties should be checked once they are off the grill to ensure they are done. If not they should be put back on for usually another minute or two. Once patties are finished cooking, it's time to put them on a bun with all your favorite condiments and ENJOY.

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