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    The first step to grilling a perfect steak is selecting a high quality meat. When shopping for that perfect cut select only those with the USDA grade of "prime" which is the best quality or "choice" the grade one level below "prime". A couple of the best steaks to grill in terms of ease and flavor are the grilled rib-eye and the grilled flank steak. Listed below are some tips on how to grill the perfect steak using those two steaks as examples:

      • Prepare the meat: Preparing steaks with rubs or marinades is a great way to enhance the flavor of a steak. If you choose a rub or seasonings do not add those to the steak until right before it is cooked to avoid drying the steak out.

      • Prepare the Grill: Preheat the grill and rub oil over the grill grate before adding the steak to the grill to prevent the meat from sticking.

    • Begin the Grilling: Place the steak(s) on the hot grill and let them cook trying to only turn them once. Over hot flames steaks will cook very fast. The way a steak responds to a finger touch while it is cooking indicates the stage in the cooking process it is in, for example if a steak is soft it is very rare, if the steak is somewhat soft with a bit of spring when touched with a finger it is in the medium rare stage, and it the steak is firm with little spring it is well done. Once the steak has reached the desired doneness you can remove it from the grill and enjoy adding steak sauce if you prefer.

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