How to Grill a Perfect Steak

Hey there grill masters, Backyard Charlie and it's time to fire up those grills and get ready to cook up some mouthwatering steaks! The first step in grilling the perfect steak is selecting top-quality meat. And let me tell you, only the best will do! So, when picking out your cut, make sure to go for USDA grade "prime" or "choice" for that optimal flavor and tenderness.

Now, two of my personal favorite cuts to grill are the rib-eye and the flank steak. And with a few simple tips, you'll be on your way to grilling perfection!

First things first, let's talk preparation. A great way to add some extra flavor to your steak is by using a rub or marinade. But be careful not to overdo it, folks! Only add your seasonings right before cooking to avoid drying out that beautiful cut of meat.

Next up, let's get that grill nice and hot. Before you even think about adding your steak, preheat that grill and rub a bit of oil over the grate to prevent sticking. Trust me, you don't want to lose any of that deliciousness!

Alright, let's get to the main event - grilling that steak! Place your steak on the hot grill and try to only flip it once to ensure that perfect sear. And here's a pro tip - pay attention to how your steak feels to the touch to gauge its doneness. If it's soft, it's rare; if it's got a bit of give, it's medium rare; and if it's firm, it's well done. Once you've reached your desired level of doneness, it's time to take that steak off the grill and get ready to savor every juicy bite.

So there you have it, folks! With these simple tips, you'll be grilling up the perfect steak in no time. And don't forget, if you're a sauce person, feel free to add a little extra flavor to that masterpiece. Happy grilling!

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