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    BroilKing Crown 20 Gas Grill--
    This grill can be found for $349 and features both high and even heat and enables you to have a great amount of control. The look of the grill is on the archaic side, but do not let this deter you. Broil King makes a great grill and this model is no different.

    Details of the grill--

      • The primary cooking space is made up of 300 square inches

      • Its 44,000 BTUs offer high and even heat output

      • It offers multi-layer as well as reversible cooking grids

      • The stainless steel main burner has a super 8 control

      • The assembly is manageable

      • The burner has a 5 year warranty and promises to heat evenly up to 600 degrees F.

      • There are three multi-level cast iron cooking grates, which have been coated with porcelain

      • It has a built-in thermometer and a rotary ignition

    Broil-Mate Reddi-Bilt 3554 Gas Grill--
    The Broil-Mate Reddi Bilt can be found as low as $250 and has more to offer than its price indicates. This gas grill boasts of high even heat output and great control. It's not fancy, but it will do a bang-up job on your hot dogs and hamburgers!

    Details of the grill--

      • 44,000 BTU Dual-H stainless steel main burner offers high and even heat output

      • Built-in thermometer and rotary ignition

      • High level burner control is offered by its linear control valves

      • Primary grilling space of 350 square inches

      • Easy to assemble

      • Cast iron cooking grates are porcelain coated and on two multi-levels

    Cook-On 3-Burner Gas Grill Review--
    This grill costs right around $400 and is at the bottom of the Barbeques Galore line of grills. Designed for cooking, this grill has only basic features to offer, but does a good job with what it was designed to do.

    Details of the grill--

      • This grill features 494 square inches of primary cooking space

      • There are three 14,000 BTU burners made of porcelain coated cast iron with ceramic briquettes

      • The porcelain coatings can chip and cause the exposed metal to rust

      • Each burner has its own ignition

      • Full width drip tray

      • Cooking grates made of porcelain coated cast iron

      • Built-in hood thermometer

    Ducane 436 Inch Gas Grill--
    This grill costs $350 and features a compact internal design and high-end stainless steel parts. It has great heat output, though using less gas. This grill isn't known for its aesthetic qualities, but when it comes to cooking, it does a great job. The grill is on the small side, which is a con for those who need a lot of space and the total BTUS is low which makes for longer preheating.

    Details of the grill--

      • The primary cooking area offers 310 square inches

      • Two 12,500 BTU burners which together produce 25,000 BTUs

      • Cooking grates made of stainless steel as well as the vaporization barrier system

      • Ceramic briquette

      • Pizo electric rotary ignition, which has visible ports in order to watch the flame without opening the grill

      • Built-in smoke tray

      • Polyethylene side table

      • Upgrades available: side burner and stainless steel pedestal

    Fiesta Optima Gas Grill--
    Clocking in at around $300, the Fiesta Optima offers great quality and design, possibly the best available for the price range.

    Details of the grill--

      • The primary cooking area offers 400 square inches and an additional warming rack

      • There are two 20,000 BTU stainless steel burners along with a 10,000 BTU side burner

      • Wide body design

      • Cooking ability is great and the heat output is good as well

      • The steel frame parts have the capability of rusting and the components are fairly low quality

      • Easy assembly

      • Auto-ignition system which is built directly into the control knobs

      • Cast iron cooking grates are porcelain coated

      • Body is made of cast aluminum

    Holland Classic II
    The Holland Classic II can be found for around $375 and is on the unique side of the grill market. It requires no valve adjustment, has no direct flame and is even different with its cooking grate, but works like a charm and is easy to operate and maintain.

    Details of the grill--

      • The grill is made up of a single cast iron burner which has a lifetime guarantee

      • The Holland Classic II comes guaranteed to not produce a flare-up

      • Made of solid construction

      • Can act as a grill, smoker, or steamer

      • Made of aluminized metal

    Vermont Castings Premium 36,000 BTU--
    This grill can also be found for under $400 and while maybe won't catch your eye by its flashy design, is a grill worthy of your consideration due to its ability to cook thoroughly and cook well.

    Details of the grill--

      • This grill offers 400 square inches of primary cooking space

      • Heavy duty cooking grates are made of porcelain coated cast iron

      • Features three 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners

      • Offers solid construction and even heating

      • Electric ignition and porcelain coated steel lid with cast iron end caps

      • Control panel and side shelves made of stainless steel

    • Available only through Home Depot

    Our New Weber 7130W Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II Gas Grills