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    If you go shopping for a charcoal grill, you're going to find a lot of choices. For the most part, however, there isn't much of a difference between them. You're a beginner, so you don't need something over the top. Start with something simple.

    Your best choices to choose from would include a: Kettle Grill, Box Grill, Barrel Grill, Drum Grill or something else along these lines. Most of these grills cost from $29.00 to $100.00. This is a small price to pay for excellent cuisine.

    Make sure the grill you choose has sturdy legs and that it has an adjustable cooking surface. When the fire is too hot or cool, you will be able to raise or lower the meat accordingly.

    Another thing to look for is if the grill has an easy means of adding more charcoal if and when necessary. Some grills require removing the meat in order to add additional charcoal. The grill should also have a lid with holes for ventilation.

    The body of the grill [where the charcoal resides] should also have adjustable holes in either the bottom or in the sides to allow controlling the amount of fresh air into the chamber so that the fire can continue to burn adequately.

    Along with buying your grill, you're going to need to get some charcoal. There are two types to choose from: briquettes and non-briquettes or rough charcoal. Basically, the charcoal briquettes are more dense and will burn more evenly and longer. They may not have all the flavor of the rough charcoal. Rough charcoal, on the other hand, will burn hotter and shorter. It just depends upon what type of cooking you may want to do.

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