Sunbeam Sunbeam Large Heat Tent
  • Sunbeam Large Heat Tent

Sunbeam Sunbeam Large Heat Tent

Regular Price: 37.95

GrillStuff: 33.78

SKU: SUN-92731

27 11/16" x 8 1/4"

These porcelain coated heat tents were used in many Sunbeam and Coleman grills.

Detailed Specifications

Fits Sunbeam models: hg4610ep, hg6601sp, hg7620spb, hg7621ypb, hn4610ep, sg4610hp, sg5600ep, sg5600epb, sg5600spb, sg6601spb, sg6601spbx, sg7620epb, sg7620sp, sg7620spb, sg7621sp, sg9622spbx, st3521spbx, st4610hp, st5600ep, st5600epb, st5600spb, st9622spbx, wg4610hp

Fits Coleman models: 3000, ag30610eb, dt331-bbf, hg30610eb, lg30610eb, lg30611e, lg39611sb, lt30610eb, lt30611e
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