Sunbeam Sunbeam Dual Oval Medium Burner
  • Sunbeam Dual Oval Medium Burner

Sunbeam Sunbeam Dual Oval Medium Burner

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Is your gas grill 3 years old or older? If so, it's time to replace your rusting burner.

These Sunbeam Goldline Stainless Steel gas grill burners are exact replacements for over 80% of the Sunbeam gas grills made over the last 15 years. Sunbeam Goldline gas grill burners are made with a high quality 300 series stainless steel, while the original equipment was a lesser quality material.

Upgrade to better cooking performance while eliminating a potential safety hazard.

Includes flexible and fixed venturi tubes.
Size: 14 1/2 X 4 inches.

1 for $18.99 or 2 for $29.99 while supply lasts!!!

2 packs

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