Should I go with natural gas or propane?

Natural gas isn't going to be an option for all buyers as it isn't available in all areas. To determine whether or not this is a route you can take, you need to do a bit of research to find out if you have access to it. If so, then that is the most convenient way to go, as you would have a continuous supply of gas to your grill provided by your local gas company. The drawback would be that your grill would have to stay in a stationary location due to the need to be hooked up to the gas line.

Going with propane isn't necessarily a bad option either as it gives you the flexibility to move the grill around as needed. Propane gas is stored in bottles and range in size from 1 pound bottles to 20 pound tanks and can even be found in larger quantities than this. The major drawback to having a propane grill is the larger the grill, the more gas it will consume and thus these grills go through the bottles of propane fairly quickly which could mean ending up with your dinner half-done if you aren't prepared in advance. Another con to using propane is that on average it costs 7 times more than natural gas to operate.

Choosing which type of gas you use doesn't have to be a factor in choosing your grill, as both types of gas hook up to the grill in the same way and cook at the same temperature. So if you begin cooking with propane and then decide it is too big of a hassle, you can always contact your gas company to investigate the options about switching to natural gas and not have to invest in a different grill.

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