According to Primo's research, customers agree that food cooked on a Primo grills "just tastes better."

The Primo Ceramic Grill and Smoker is Primo's new product that is supposed to make outdoor cooking easier than ever. It offers a unique design that Primo guarantees will keep your food moist and tender. Primo says that your favorite recipes turn out every time because the Primo is a very forgiving smoker/cooker/grill.

Primo's quality and consistency come from its advanced design. Primo's grills are made from a hi-tech ceramic material. The grills heat quickly and evenly creating a clay oven effect. The grill seals in the heat and keeps air out - ensuring that food never dries out or cooks too fast because the ceramic does not loose heat like a metal smoker or grill, even in winter months.

Primo also offers an easy-slide top that allows you to raise or lower the temperature. You can adjust it for a steady temperature from 200 degrees to 700 degees to slow cook ribs or sear a fine steak.

Primo's hi-tech ceramic allows less fuel to be used because the heat doesn't escape through the walls like metal smokers and BBQ's do, and it won't rust away like old fashioned water smokers. Primo uses natural lump charcoal, Not expensive briquettes that produce low heat and a mountain of ash.


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