Popular Grill Accessories

No barbeque grill is complete with out some trusty accessories. There are countless options out there for grillers.

  • Utensils: Grill utensils might be one of the most important accessories a griller can have. It would be pretty hard to cook the food with out them. Some common utensils used in grilling include spatula's, tongs, barbeque sauce brush, 3 prong grilling fork, grill cleaning brush and scraper, corn on the cob holders, shish-kabob skewers, and barbeque knives. Utensils are sold separately but also come in sets that make great gifts for avid grillers complete with carrying cases. Sold separately utensils can cost between $4 and $30 and sets can cost from $10 to $150.

  • Meat Thermometer: Meat thermometers are just as important in grilling as they are when cooking in an oven. It is vital that meat is cooked at a high enough temperature for long enough to kill any bacteria before it is eaten. Meat thermometers typically range between $10 and $115.

  • Grill Light: Grill lights are wonderful accessories to ensure that the grill is never closed for business even when the sun goes down. Most grill lights easily clip wherever you need the light to shine and also have adjustable necks making it easy to adjust the light. Grill lights usually retail from $20 to $80.

  • Rotisserie Basket: This accessory gives grillers the option to prepare rotisserie style meat or vegetables on their barbeque grill. Food is placed inside the rotisserie basket where it is securely held while it is slow roasted to perfection. Rotisserie baskets can run anywhere from $20 to $99.

  • Cookbooks: While grilling is a pretty self explanatory form of cooking, there are thousands of recopies for marinades and rubs to enhance the flavor of whatever food you are grilling. Cookbooks can come in very handy to give a new taste to your ordinary steak or chicken breast. Typically cookbooks cost between $5 and $40.

  • Grill Fan: Grill fans can be a great addition to any barbeque. They attach easily anywhere like a table, chair, or fence to get rid of smoke from the grill that can get in people's faces and burn their eyes. Grill fans usually retail between $25 and $40.

  • Automatic Hot Dog Griller: This great accessory allows grillers to evenly cook hot dogs and sausages every time. It requires batteries and continuously turns the hot dogs and sausages as the grill cooks them. They can be purchased costing between $25 and $45.

  • Personalized Branding Irons: This tool is for the serious griller. It is a branding iron that can be personalized with any 3 initials and actually brands meat while it is cooking. Branding irons can be purchased for between $30 and $90.

  • Grill Covers: Some grills actually come with their own covers but many have to be purchased separately. Grill covers protect barbeque grills from the harsh elements of Mother Nature such as rain, snow, hail, and sweltering sunlight. Most are very convenient and fold up for easy storage when the grill is in use. Be sure to let your grill completely cool down before putting the grill cover on. Grill covers generally retail between $20 and $80.

  • Grill Toppers: Grill Toppers are accessories that sit on top of the grilling rack and hold foods on it while they cook. Grill toppers can come in flat models or wok models that are perfect for grilling vegetables and shrimp. Grill toppers retail between $15 and $40.

  • Charcoal: Charcoal briquettes are a must for getting charcoal grills to cook food. There are several different brands of charcoal ranging from regular briquettes to wood versions. Charcoal bags typically cost between $8 and $40.

  • Propane Tank: Propane tanks are a necessity for propane gas grills. Several stores have propane tank refill programs which allow consumers to bring their empty tanks and exchange them with full ones for a discounted price. The store will then fill the empty tanks so it's a bit like recycling. New propane tanks usually cost in the price range of $35 and $65 and used ones are generally between $15 and $35.

  • Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades: Many people love to use their favorite sauce, rub, or marinade to enhance the flavor of what they prepare on the grill. These items can be homemade from scratch or purchased already made at any grocery store or market. They all range in price from $3 to $25.

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