Kansas City Barbeque

Kansas City barbeque is dry rub-spiced, slow roasted for hours over a pit of hickory and slathered with some of the smoothest, richest, tangiest, thickest sauces in the world. Kansas City barbeque sauce is a medium spicy, tomato-based sauce with molasses for character and body, not just sweetness.

Kansas City's first-recorded barbecue master was Henry Perry. Perry started a barbeque joint out of an old trolley barn at 19th and Highland. By 1908, he was serving up slow-cooked ribs on pages on newsprint for 25 cents a slab. This trolley ended up being the training ground for men who became KC barbeque legends: George Gates and Charlie Bryant. Bryant eventually bought "Old Man Perry's" place and ran it with his brother Arthur.

When Charlie retired in 1946, Arthur replaced the wooden tables with Formica, covered the sawdust floor with linoleum and tinkered with the sauce enough to earn the eatery the title of best restaurant in the world by columnist and Kansas City native Calvin Trillin. Famous faces such as Presidents Carter and Truman have visited Arthur Bryant's which now has opened a few more locations as well.

At around the same time Arthur Bryant's was getting its start, Gates and a partner were opening their own barbeque joint. Gates eventually bought the business outright and brought his son Ollie into the BBQ game. In 1958, Ollie opened Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q at 57th and Prospect. Gates, which has a little different type of flavor than most KC BBQ has seven locations around the City and is known for the company's unique personality.

There are many other barbeque restaurants and BBQ festivals in Kansas City. Barbeque is a lifestyle in KC. If you visit a friend or family member there, chances are they'll take you to get some barbeque or make you some their self.

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