I was given a smoker and no manual. What do I do with this thing?

First of all, relax! There are smoker manuals available on the Internet for you to download. The first thing you should do is to conduct an Internet search for the manufacturer and model of your smoker, as those things should be available by looking on the item. If that doesn't turn anything up, then do a basic search for smoker manuals or smoker instructions as even if the smokers are different, there should be some commonality among them to at least get you going in the right direction. If you can't find detailed instructions, however, you should find a friend how has some experience with a smoker to give you some pointers in how to operate your new item.

A manual will tell you the following things:
Give you the cautions and warnings of operating the device
Instructions on the actual smoking process
How to flavor the wood
How to add charcoal or wood during the cooking process
How to add water during the cooking process
Extra cooking tips, hints, and recipes


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