How to Grill Poultry

Chicken cooked on a barbeque grill is a longtime favorite of many people. Whether you grill a whole bird or just a chicken breast, it's hard to beat grilled chicken. Listed below are some step by step directions for grilling chicken on the barbeque grill:

  • Marinate: Chicken that is marinated before being cooked on a barbeque grill can offer outstanding results. An easy marinade for chicken is Italian salad dressing. Pour it over the chicken and refrigerate overnight for a great tasting meal.

  • Prepare the grill: Turn the grill on to a medium to high heat and brush the grill grate with oil to avoid any sticking.

  • Grilling Time: If your grilling chicken breasts place them onto the grill directly over the heat and cook each side about 15 minutes, give or take some time depending on the size of the breast. Turn the chicken every 5 minutes or so as well. Once the breast is finished cooking the juice from it should run clear. If you're cooking a whole bird place it directly onto grill over the heat and let it cook for about 30 to 45 minutes turning it every 10 minutes. To check if the bird is done cut a piece from the middle of the bird where it has the most meat. The juices should run clear when the bird is finished cooking. If you choose to baste the chicken with barbeque sauce wait until it is in the last 10 minutes of cooking to add.

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