How to Grill Fish

Fish is probably one of the healthiest meats that can be grilled. Many people get nervous about grilling fish on a barbeque grill and shy away from it in fear of undercooking it. It is actually quite easy to grill fish on a barbeque grill and virtually takes no time at all. Wire baskets are a good idea when grilling whole fish such as salmon, snapper, or trout. You can also grill fillets in wire baskets as well such as catfish, flounder, snapper, and perch. Firm fish like tuna can be placed directly onto the grill if it is handled carefully. Shellfish like shrimp or scallops can be placed on skewers and then grilled. Listed below are some tips for grilling fish:

  • Prepare the Fish: Add any salt, pepper, or seasoning to the fish before it is placed onto the grill.

  • Preheat Grill: Turn grill on over a medium heat and brush oil over the grill grate to avoid any sticking.

  • Have Supplies Handy: Make sure to have all the necessary utensils close by as well as a clean plate to place the fish on when it is done grilling.

  • Grilling: Place the fish in the center of the grill right above the heat avoiding the cooler parts of the grill that have indirect heat. The fish should only be turned once. Wait about 2 minutes and then slide tongs under the fish and gently lift it up to check if the fish has broiler marks forming. Once broiler marks have formed use a broiler fork to hold up one corner and then slide a spatula under the fish and gently turn it over. Check the same way for doneness on this side by gently raising one end to check for broiler marks. Once the middle of the fish is no longer translucent the fish is finished cooking and should be removed from the grill.

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