How do I get started?

The actual cooking on a gas grill is not that much different than with a charcoal grill with one exception. A gas grill has the tendency to get too hot. To alleviate the problem, you can try two alternatives. First, since many grills will not allow you to turn down the flame any lower, try to turn down the amount of gas on the propane tank itself. You should be able to get it quite low. If this doesn't work, then take a piece of wood or metal and place it between the lid's top and bottom thus forcing the lid to stay open and let some of the excess heat out.

Depending on what you are cooking, you may even want to cook with the lid open. For the most part, when the lid is closed, you are going to be cooking a little faster than with the lid open. A closed lid retains the heat and thus allows higher temperatures to accumulate. If the meat it thicker, like a brisket whole chicken or even a pork shoulder, then the best way would be with the lid closed.

While most gas grill users cook with the lid closed, it may not be the best way to do things. How many times have you been to a outdoor fair or even a restaurant and seen the lid closed? Not often. The majority have the lid open and they simply stand there turning the meat as it cooks and letting both sides experience the flame. Except with the possibility of delicate meats such as fish, we recommend keeping the lid open. This allows the meat to be grilled on each side the exact amount of time you desire and will keep the meat from being cooked too fast with temperatures that are too hot.

With medium sized of meats, such as whole turkey breasts and chicken quarters, try cooking it both ways and see what works best for you.

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