How do I clean my charcoal grill?

Always allow the coals to die down to the point where you can touch them and then move them to a safety container such as an empty steel container. When the ashes are cold, they may be thrown away or placed in your garden. If you leave the coals in the grill, their corrosive nature will eat away at your grill and destroy it much earlier than if you clean it properly after each cook.

As for the grates, again wait for the grill to cool. You can clean the grates two ways. The first is to simply take a steel wire brush and vigorously brush/scrape all of the cooked on food off the surface. Then use a paper towel to remove any loose material. The second way is, before you begin to cook the next time, heat the grill to high temperature to cook the food off. You can then simply brush the food off easily.


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