How do I choose a grill?

Because you're reading this article, you are no doubt a gas grill beginner and when buying your grill you should focus on performance and ignore fancy schmanzy conveniences. You'll want to get a basic grill where you can easily learn how to properly use it.

All you'll want to consider when buying a grill is size, construction and performance.

If you enjoy hosting - or get stuck doing it anyways - choose a grill that is large enough to cook for a relatively nice size party. It's much easier to cook smaller amounts of food on a bigger grill than larger amounts of food on a smaller grill. Choose a grill that can handle the biggest gathering you think you'll be hosting plus a few people.

Gas Grills come in many different sizes and shapes. Additionally, they come are made with stainless steel, solid steel or cast aluminum. The most recommended material is split between stainless steel and cast aluminum. Both of these materials resist rust, corrosion and general deterioration. Both will offer you long life and superior performance. Go with your preference or go with the best deal.

When it comes to performance, there are several things to look for. First of all, look for at least dual (two) burners. Make sure your grill is capable of at least 35,000 BTUs. If you think you'll need it, get grill that's portable. This could me moving it from house to house or even from the garage to the back porch and back for winter storage.

Those are the main things to look for, everything else is basically fluff.

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