Charcoal Companion Gourmet Wood Chips
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  • Gourmet Wood Chips
Charcoal Companion

Charcoal Companion Gourmet Wood Chips

GrillStuff: 8.99

SKU: CC6001

Wood smoke adds to the mystique of outdoor cooking and gathers people around the fire. Adding wood chips and chunks to the grill boosts the flavor of any grilled food. On charcoal grills wood chips can be used directly on the hot coals. Wood chunks can even be used instead of coals. On gas grills add smoky flavor with the use of a smoker box for smoking wood chips. The delicate favor of Apple,Maple, or Cherry Wood Chips is a great compliment to fish, vegetables, and yes, grilled fruit

144 cu Inch Box.


Cherry, Maple, Apple,

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